Caribbean Daydream Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 1/9/04

Well, it’s raining out here in Seattle
And it’s starting to melt all the snow
It’s a typical Northwest winter again
Ahhh, but, someplace it’s warmer - I know
Don’t get me wrong - I’m not complaining
The Northwest is really quite grand
But I’m tired of the cold - there are places I’m told
Where my feet can be warmed in the sand

I heard someone mention something ‘bout St. Somewhere
And places like Barbados and Belize
Trinidad, Tobago, Grand Bahama, Puerto Rico
Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Martinique!

Solos over 2 verses

In St. Thomas you can pick out a sailboat
Hoist your sails and pick up the breeze
There’s so much to explore that you’ll never get bored
Just bring her back in one piece - if you please!
Rent a place on the beach in Antigua
Have some fruit juice & rum on Rum Cay
And St. Vincent is where a green flash might be there
As sun sets at the end of the day - and...


Imagine warm breezes off of the ocean
While the palm trees sway to and fro
The Caribbean Sea’s always special to me
Island magic is strong there - I know
But, as for me - it’s a grand destination
And I’d never want to stay there too long
Key West is the best but I’m in the Northwest
So I’ll just visit there in my song, and...

Chorus Then Solos Over Verse Then Out

green-leafed trees surrounded by body of water during daytime