Cross That Bridge Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 5/3/13

(You gotta) Cross that bridge
Don’t even question why
(You gotta) Cross that bridge
It could be better on the other side
(You gotta) Cross that bridge
Life changes and that’s no lie
(Come on and) Cross that bridge
Go ahead and give it a try

Now if you’re feeling lonely for a loved one who has gone
You just can’t get up out of bed and you feel like you can’t go on
A permanent solution does no one any good
Just stop the strife, start a new life
And get out there like you should


Sometimes you see a problem in the way things aught to be
And you’ve found a great solution that no one else can see
Well, it might not be popular, but you know it’s for the best
So jump right in to find win - win
Put yourself to the test

Chorus - Instrument Break Loosely Over Chorus

Now if your feeling like there must be more than what we see
Well, maybe something holds you back from a life that is more free
The bridge between the outer world
and the world behind your eyes
Is yours to cross - Cuz you’re the boss
You might just be surprised

Chorus x 2 Then OUT

man wearing white shirt siting on bridge overlooking at mountain