Dead Man’s Blues Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 3/27/98

Ok, let's do a little something in "E" - as in Eternity!
I didn't wake up this morning - No light shining in my eyes
I had a funny feeling - That it could be my demise
The Grim Reaper came a callin' - Pointed his finger at me and said,
"You've sung your very last number, boy - You're coming with me instead!"

Because you're dead!
I said you're dead!
No more stinky, noisy barroom gigs for you to bitch about -
Because you're dead!

My woman - she divorced me - Got a big settlement to boot
She's was livin' large and stylin' with that alimony loot
She was taking all my money - Right down to my last red cent
But now she's gettin’ nuthin’ - she can’t even come up with her rent!

Because I'm dead!
Yea, ya know I'm dead!
Her money tree just withered and there ain't no more to pick
Because I'm dead!

Well, I couldn't pay my taxes for the last year or two
The IRS was houndin' me for what they said was due
They said, "If you don't pay that money boy, then you'll be doin' time."
But, now they're gettin' nuthin' - Not even one thin dime!

Because I'm dead!
Yea, ya know I'm dead!
I was livin' hand to mouth and now that taxman's missin' out,
Because I'm dead!

Yea, I'm pushin' up those Daisies - I bought the farm -
I kicked the bucket - I am just a free floatin' spirit -
No more bills to pay - And no more day to day!
I've had it, I’m toast! - I’m outta here!
Put me under boys!

man sitting on brown wooden bench