For The Company Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 2/29/88

Well, the flight attendant starts her speech
And it’s the one I’ve heard before
I’m wondering how many fingers will she use this time
To point out the exit doors
And I read the In-Flight magazine the last time I was on board

Now, I’m travelin’ for the Company
Like so many times before

The bellhop opens up the door and we step from the rental car
And on the way to my room I’m thinking
Will the water be soft or hard?
And from my Hotel window
I can hear live music from a nearby bar

When you’re travelin’ for the Company
Sometimes you don’t know where you are
And there’s lots of time to think how much I miss her
And the emails that I write can never say
Just how distant and alone
It can feel out on the road
When you think about and miss her every day
I miss her every day...

Well, tonight I’m in Miami
And tomorrow who knows where
Maybe Portland or Chicago?
Guess I’ll find out in the air
But when my plane gets in next week
I know that she’ll be waiting there

Though I travel for the company
I know that she still cares
I can’t wait to see her there
I just know that she’ll be there...

white and red airplane wing over the sea during daytime