Key West Sunset Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 10/18/2000

It was just another day down island
Got up just before the crack of noon
I was still a little foggy from the night before
Thought I might’ve gotten up too soon
But, I had to get up and get my face in the sun
So I stumbled out through the door
I’d still rather have the morning after
Than never have had the night before...

So, now we’ll gather ‘round here again
Have some drinks with a couple of friends
Watch the evening colors dance around
And toast the sun as it’s going down.

Ventured out and found myself some coffee
Then I headed over to Duval
Threw some money around the local souvenier shops
They’re so much better than a heartless mall
Found some time for a little siesta
A Margarita and a dip in the pool
A little walk in the sand to let my body get tanned
If they get jealous back home - that’s cool...


You know a sunset only lasts a moment
And this moment’s only good for a while
But, I got rum
I got limes
Lots of friends
And the time
To bring around plenty of smiles...

Solos Over 2 Verses

Now, with that little green flash behind us
This little island starts to come alive
We’re gonna wander around the streets of this town
We may be up until the morning light
So, take a break from what passes for normal
Here’s a chance to really let yourself go
A little tropical wind - with just a hint of sin
A real chance to purify your soul

Chorus x 2

Photo by Jim Davis