Moments Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 1/9/04

Harmonica Solo Intro

Mark    The moment that we met
I knew I’d not forget
That very special feeling I had from the start

Jess       And as time went by
Our love began to fly
Forever you’ll remain - within my heart

Both     And with you close beside me
I see moments that we’ve shared
It feels good to know that you will always care

Harmonica Solo Intro

Mark      I’ll not forget your face
Or the time and place
The very moment when I asked you to be mine

Jess         Then I whispered “Yes”

We both know the rest
Our love is real and that’s what you have to find

Both        And all our moments spent together
They come back to us now
We can feel them as we say these magic vows

Harmonica Solo Intro

Mark       Moments that we’ve shared together

Jess         Memories we’ll have forever

Both        Make our love so real and so strong

Mark       The test of time forever

Jess          We’ll spend our life together

Both        Be together from this moment on

Harmonica Solo Over Partial Bridge
Harmonica Solo Intro Then Out

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