Moonshine Peaches Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 10/9/11

Well, I went to the cupboard for a jar of canned fruit
Peaches, Plums, Pears - I figured any would suit
I found Kat’s canned peaches and they sure looked nice
But they nearly knocked me over when I had me a slice, cuz -

(They were) Moonshine Peaches! (Moonshine Peaches!)
Moonshine Peaches (Moonshine Peaches!)
They were Moonshine Peaches and I started to feel real fine!

Then my brother Scott, he walked in thru the door
He kinda looked at me and said “What chu smilin’ for?”
I showed him the jar and then he took a good bite
He said, “I think I’ll have another ‘cuz they sure taste right!”

Chorus - We had Moonshine Peaches and we had us a real good time!

Solo Break

Well then my sweet Jessie came to see me that night
And I said I had something that’d sure put her right
She had a few slices and squealed with delight
And we found ourselves dancing in the pale moonlight - ‘cuz of...

Chorus - We had Moonshine Peaches and we both had a real good time!

Solo Break

Now, it didn’t take long before the word got around
And by the First Friday night it was all over town
Folks started comin’ over ‘bout half past four
And well after midnight they were screaming for more - of those...

Chorus - We had Moonshine Peaches and we all had a real good time!
Chorus X 2 Then -

Gimme Moonshine Peaches and I’ll show you a real good time

yellow and red round fruits