Raven Eyes Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 1/9/04

Balancing the books one night was not what I had planned
More and more subtractions made those totals less than grand
‘Till I noticed several entries that were penned in my wife’s hand
And as I double checked the figures, I began to understand
That she’s got...

Raven Eyes - She’s got Raven Eyes
Shiny bobbles, sparkling metals get her blood to rise
And when she gets hold of the checkbook
She can cut it down to size
Our nest is filled with shiny bobbles - She’s got Raven Eyes
Come on and shop...

Solos over verse

As we walked along the craft booths at a festival one day
She saw a set of earrings right up front of a display
Before I knew what she had done the deal had been made
And you know I damn near fainted when I saw the price she paid
but she’s got...


Come on and shop a little more...
Solos over verse

Why, she can spot a set of jewelry from what seems like a mile
Returning from an outing she can bring back quite a pile
She’s got this shop till you drop attitude - she does it up in style
But, she’ll take out my defenses when she hits me with that smile
And those...

Chorus x 2 Then Out

pink green and blue bubbles