The Lady And Captain Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) 1989

Well the calm water glistens with the sun in the morn
This is the day that she's waited for
Out on the horizon, a captain and crew’s
Coming home for a shore leave that's long over due
But it's only a few days together they'll share
So they'll make the most of the time he is there
And on the last evening down at the town hall
A dance for the sailors, invitations for all

So swing to the left and swing to the right
The Lady and Captain will dance through the night
For his shore leave will end as tomorrow begins
And she doesn't know if she'll see him again

The weeks go by slowly - they seem just like years
When he's on the water there's always the fear
For one day a message may come to her door
Telling her she'll see the Captain no more

Chorus then Solos over Verse

Now the seagulls are calling as the new day is born
He shoulders his duffel and heads for the door
She is his true love, but his first is the sea
She kisses him knowing that's how it must be

Chorus x 2

No, she never knows if she'll see him again

aerial photography of brown galleon ship on body of water