Upbound And Empty Lyrics

By Mark Iler © (All Rights Reserved) on 11/27/03

In November of ‘13 we thought we were done
Thought we’d made the last haul of the season
But the word had come down that we’d make one more run
As more company profits were there to be won
Our ship, called the Crawford - was just 6 years old
Built strong to last a good 80 years more
She was longer and wider and massive and bold
Storing 12 thousand plus tons of raw iron ore

Now we’re upbound and empty, again we will go
Thru the Soo to Duluth, Minnesota
The last hold of ore for the season we’ll load
Tempting fate in November once more

The wind started howlin’, the gale flags flew
As we steamed on past the Fort Gratiot light
The waves grew to mountains, the snow and wind blew
And the sky grew as dark as the dead of the night
Up near Point Aux Barques, the first mate did shout “There’s
a ship off to starboard -
It’s the Argus”, he cried
She was caught in the trough and she couldn’t break out
Then was crushed like an eggshell in front of our eyes


Then the aft cabin windows caved in with the waves
That flooded the mess room and galley below
Both anchors soon parted along with their chains
And the rivets were popping as we twisted and bowed
We struggled to keep the George Crawford afloat
As the last of two ships left on Huron that day
Bow to stern covered with thick ice and snow
With our loved ones back home left to wonder and pray


Then a break in the weather gave us slight reprieve
And we brought her back round to the battering wind
We steamed her ahead still scared - but relieved
With a glimmer of hope we might get home again
The next morning arrived - we put in at the Soo
The ship and the crew they were battered and worn
Saint Christopher must have been there with us too
For the Crawford had lived thru the greatest of storms

CHORUS x 2 then END

aerial photography of brown galleon ship on body of water